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How is my Flo trip score measured and calculated?

Last Updated: Nov 22, 2016 11:07AM CET
You earn points for easy braking, acceleration, and cornering, as well as steady speed. You know you've earned points when the screen turns green, accompanied by a gentle sound

However, if you brake or corner hard, accelerate too quickly, or fail to maintain a steady, good speed, you lose points. In those situations, the screen turns red and you hear a warning sound.

There is also an 'in between' valuation, in that case, your screen turns orange.

Green and orange screens will give you points, while red screens deduct points. 

We divide your trips in segments, the length of the segment depends on the kind of traffic you're in: 

- City traffic
- Highway traffic
- In between traffic

Each segment gets a score. You Flo trip score equals the total of the segment scores divided by the number of segments. 

There is no maximemum score, to keep challenging you to outperform yourself!
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